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Changes in the last version of MyTimetable

On Friday October 10th, a new version of MyTimetable has been introduced.

The most important changes are:

  1. The problem with Google Calendar should be solved. This was probably caused by text in Syllabus+ copied from Excel. This problem has been solved by EVEOH.
  2. Double rooms: all rooms are now shown only once. For WA 1 and 2 this has not yet been implemented properly. All activities in WA 1+2 are also displayed in WA 1 and WA 2, but all activities in WA 1 or WA 2 only are also shown in WA 1+2.
    The advice (especially for building coordinators) therefore seems to be: do not look at the activities in WA 1+2, but check WA 1 and WA 2 instead. You will then see all activities in those rooms.
  3. Filters: can be done using 2 characters instead of 3. This is especially useful when searching for rooms. Furthermore, MMT now looks at the Description field when filtering, and not also at the Name field.
  4. Equipment: has been added, under ‘Location view’. Take care: this does not yet work for ‘List by location’ and ‘Availability’.
  5. Blocks and Activities: the right Activities are now shown when selecting a Block
  6. The room capacity has been added to the description of a building
  7. The Student sets that are not tagged are not shown when adding a Module/Study programme
  8. The Help page has been improved, mostly on the topic of exporting timetables
  9. The possibility to limit the size of iCalendar feeds