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Overview SMS

The UT has a system for the registration of internships and (external) final assignments. This system is called the Student Mobility System (or simply SMS) and almost all programmes use it.

The system can be entered via (and could also be entered via the Studentportal, under UT Applications for students).

SMS has three forms: the application form, the assignment form and the notification form. More information about these forms can be found in the External Training manual or on the website of your own programme.

When a form has been submitted in SMS, it cannot be changed anymore. The student can only review his/her forms. Changes have to be reported to the coordinator of his/her programme by e-mail or phone.

Students of programmes dat do not use SMS and want to do an internship or final assignment have to consult the site of their own programme for information about the right procedure/forms.

Additional information? Check the UT External training website or the site of your own programme.