Questionmark Perception is a testing tool. Exam questions can be saved in indexed item banks. Online tests can be generated and analyzed through the system. For more information, please see the TELT website. Manuals can be found at:

  • Questionmark Knowledge base
  • Test version download for a 30-day free trial (you’ll need to create an account).
  • Sample test with different types of questions (click Next Question at the bottom of the page; questions 14-17 use images and drag&drop).
  • QMP manuals. Only accessible with an account for the QMP website.


If you have any questions or need support, please email Jan de Goeijen.

ICT in education

QMP is one of the many tools offered for Technology Enhanced Learning and Teaching (TELT). On the TELT website, you can find more information about all ICT in education tools.