Request a Canvas course to replace a Blackboard organisation

If you are the owner of an organisation in Blackboard and want to continue this in Canvas, you can use this form to request a Canvas course. Note: do NOT use this form to request a Canvas courses for regular courses from OSIRIS (with a nine digit course code), because they will be created automatically in Canvas.

In Canvas there is no distinction between courses and organisations, it only has courses. This isn’t a problem because courses and organisations in Blackboard have the same functionality, only the terminology is different. So a Canvas course will in most cases be suitable to replace a Blackboard organisation.

It is possible to request an import of the content from your Blackboard organisation, but we advise to start with an empty course. The way of structuring content in Canvas is different from Blackboard, so the result of an import will not suit your needs in most cases.

Do you want an empty course in Canvas (advised) or do you want to have an import from a Blackboard organisation?

enter the following code: 30899