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The Portfolio tool is located at portfolio.utwente.nl. It can be used to track student progress above the individual course level (e.g. professional skills development, internship milestones, etc.). Please see the Overview page for a general overview and description of the different roles.

General information: Examiner

In the Portfolio application, an Examiner is someone (ususally a lecturer or internship supervisor) who grades the student’s products.

The Coordinator creates an assignment, the Student hands in a product, and the Examiner receives uses the application to grade the student’s work.


The Examiner home page contains the following sections (click the image for a larger version):

P:\CES\fab\ICTO-projecten\Digitaal portfolio\Handleidingen\Plaatjes\examiner-highres.jpg


When you click a product that has been returned by a student, the page is built up as follows:

P:\CES\fab\ICTO-projecten\Digitaal portfolio\Handleidingen\Plaatjes\grading.jpg

Download all products

You can download all student products in a zip file. On the Assignment Progress tab, click this link:

Please note: the '.zip extension should be added to the file automatically. In some browsers, this does not work correctly. If this occurs, please enter it manually and the file will be saved correctly.

Uploading grades

Grades can also be added to the ePortfolio using a CSV upload. Please follow the steps below.

  1. Browse to the assignment and click Download mass grade CSV. This page is only available to Examiners, and only on the Assignment Progress tab.
  2. Save the file as a .csv. The file extenstion should appear automatically, but in some borwsers it may not work. In that case, please type '.csv' after the file name manually.
  3. Depending on your Excel / system settings, you may see all data in thefirst column. This would look like this:

    Please follow ths instructions on the Microsoft website to separate the data into columns.
  4. The file contains student names and numbers. You can enter grades into the next column. The file also contains columns that correspond to the following elements in the ePortfolio:
  5. Enter the grades 'pass', 'fail' or 'done'.
    Please note: you can leave some students blank and upload their grades later. However, you cannot override an earlier grade with a new upload. The existing grade will not be changed even if it is different in the new CSV.
  6. The option 'Create empty product' works as follows:
    1. If you do not check 'Create empty product': only a grade will be added. This is for assignments where the students have themselves uploaded a product in the ePortfolio.
    2. If you check 'Create empty product': the system will create a dummy product for the students. This option is used for assignments that have been created outside the ePortfolio.  
  7. After uploading, you will see a confirmation screen and the updated progress for the assignment:
  8. The grades still need to be published to the studentes using 'Send grades to students' (see general instructions above).



If you have any questions or need support, please email portfolio@utwente.nl.


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ICT in education

The Portfolio is one of the many tools offered for Technology Enhanced Learning and Teaching (TELT). On the TELT website, you can find more information about the Portfolio and other ICT in education tools.