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Canvas update #4 – Pilots & Practice courses

We are happy to introduce to you our Canvas Pilot projects. In November and December 2017 we have spoken with several lecturers from all faculties about helping the Canvas project with starting up a Pilot Course in quartile 3 of the current academic year. In total our conversations resulted in a list of 17 possible pilot projects. But 17 possible pilot projects is well above the number of pilot projects that we can accommodate as a project team. In our list we also saw a lot of requests for testing with Canvas.

So, besides the 6 pilot projects that are listed below, we will also offer everyone else to get to know Canvas. From 5 March 2018 it will be possible to start a Canvas Practice Course, to test the possibilities with Canvas. You can sign up for a Canvas Practice Course from the beginning of February on our project website

Pilot Projects

We really appreciate the interest and enthusiasm of everyone we've spoken with. We are proud, although it wasn’t easy, that we've a great selection of 6 Canvas Pilot projects for quartile 3.

  • Module 3 (Traffic & Transport) for Civil Engineering
    An bachelor course by Tom Thomas & Kasper van Zuilekom and others.
    Challenges: Group work, grading.
  • Module 7 (Fysica van gecondenseerde materie) for Technische Natuurkunde
    Bachelor course by Stefan Kooij and other teachers.
    Challenges: Present study material, submit assignments, using the gradebook and access for students who didn't pass this module last year.
  • Combined master course for Chemical Engineering and Applied Physics 
    A master course for students of two master programs, coordinated by Alexandra Elbersen. Several other teachers involved.
    Challenges: combined course with 3 units and 1 required optional unit, provided by 5 lecturers.
  • Module 6 for Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation
    Master course (Cadastral data acquisition and 3D cadaster) from ITC. Coordinated by Mila Koeva.
    Challenges: Several teachers are involved, ITC might have different requirements.
  • Course element on Mathematics for Mechanical Engineering
    A distinct element of the Mathematics curriculum for bachelors. This unit is geared at the first year students of Mechanical Engineering. Taught by Gerard Jeurnink and Stephan van Gils.
    Challenges: Working with sample test questions for formative testing, working in couples on video tasks, using rubrics and grading.
  • Semester 4 for University College Twente
    The semester 4 for the bachelor students of University College Twente. Coordinated by Laura Bagur. Lead teacher is Fokko-Jan Dijksterhuis.
    Challenges: Current setup in Blackboard is an Organization, UCT works with semesters instead of quartiles.