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Canvas update #3 - Timeline Implementation Timeline

The project team for the Canvas implementation has been preparing quite a few things lately. Here we’d like to share with you the highlights for the coming months.

We are planning Canvas information sessions per faculty where we will inform you about the project planning and most importantly, give you a live demonstration to see some possibilities of Canvas. More about these sessions will follow soon.

Furthermore we are preparing pilot projects with Canvas in a few courses and modules. Those projects will start on 5 February 2018 (quartile 3 of the academic year). The pilot projects will involve several teachers and of course also the students. Selecting the pilot projects will take place shortly. We are very happy to have experienced the enthusiasm and motivation of several teachers to carry out the pilot projects with us. In the beginning of January we will inform you about which courses of quartile 3 will be carried out as a pilot project with Canvas.

To give you an idea of the overall Canvas implementation we've added a visual timeline in this update. During the coming months we will provide more detailed information about these activities.