Construction of the new Canvas environment for the UT started this summer. As the work progresses steadily, members of the Education department regularly ask when they can get started with Canvas.

A number of pilot projects will be started during the implementation of the Canvas environment for the UT, with the first Pilot coming up soon. As from the third quarter of the current academic year, opportunities for training will be offered and facilities will be set up for lecturers with questions about how to create or adjust their Canvas Courses. Details on this will be communicated at a later stage.

An archive will be set up to retain the current Blackboard material. What this archive will look like will be determined in cooperation with the project steering committee.

As from the academic year 2018/2019, Blackboard will no longer be used as an application for supporting our education, and Canvas will take over these tasks. After the transition to Canvas, Blackboard will remain available for some time. However, the current Blackboard environment will have ceased to exist by the end of 2018.

More Canvas updates will follow over the next few months. If you have any urgent questions at this stage, we would like to receive them via