Regiodeal for SMe

SME companies in Twente and the Achterhoek experience difficulties in the technological transformation. There is a shortage in highly skilled employees that can develop and implement these complex innovations. For SMEs, a PDEng programme can be the solution for this transformation and preparing these employees for the future.

Within the Regiodeal, the Dutch government spends 30 million Euro for research and innovation in digitalization and globalization. The goal of the Regiodeal for PDEng on the long term is:

  • Generating an extra knowledge impulse for high-tech industry in Twente and the Achterhoek. With this impulse, the eastern region of the Netherlands must be able to better compete with international industries.
  • Development of new technologies and solutions for products, processes and systems for industry.

Within this long-term goal, the focus of the Regiodeal for PDEng is on Digital Transformation and Advanced Manufacturing. Due to the Regiodeal funding the UT can provide companies located in Twente and the Achterhoek a discount on the regular EUR 77.500 for a PDEng position. For PDEng projects in the region within the field of Digital Transformation and Advanced Manufacturing is fixed on EUR 43.000 for SMEs (EUR 21.500 a year).
This company fee is excluding VAT, but including the salary of a PDEng trainee for 2 years, education and supervision.

The co-funding by the Dutch government acts as an incentive for digital transformation in industry and an incentive for the transition to next generation production technology and supply chains.


A PDEng is a two-year post-master technological designer programme. In these two years, a PDEng trainee spends 50% of his time in broadening and deepening his knowledge and the other 50% the PDEng-trainee carries out an in-company design assignment to demonstrate how the knowledge gained is converted into innovative business solutions. It offers companies the possibility to hire a technological designer, a professional who can design and develop complex new products and processes and offer innovative solutions to their technological design issues.


To see what the Regiodeal can do for your company, contact Mariska de Roo:

M. de Roo (Mariska)
Business Relations Manager PDEng & Life Long Learning