Summer school: water

Access to clean water is evidently crucial. With growing population, climate change, and emerging new contaminants, water challenges are omnipresent. It is of prime importance to understand water systems and their management, innovate water treatments, and explore e.g. energy generation possibilities from water.


Topics include:

  • Produced Water
  • Water Treatment and Purification
  • Water Footprint
  • Rivers and Seas 
  • Blue Energy
  • Interfacial Phenomena 
  • Earth Observation of Water Cycle
  • Ecodynamic Development and Design - Building with Nature 

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Course aim

Build awareness of emerging technologies and scientific developments related to water management, treatment and fundamentals.

Course details

  • Methods: Lectures, project, excursion.
  • Course level: Beginner’s/Intermediate/Advanced
  • Target group: Bachelor’s students of engineering or science
  • Required knowledge: An engineering or science background at Bachelor’s level
  • External speaker: tbc
  • Course leaders: tbc
  • Credits: 2 ECTS credits for successfully completing the summer school