Summer school: EntrepreneurialU

In a global economy, people are increasingly being expected to take responsibility for and ownership of their own lives. Our modern society needs individuals who are able to recognize and seize opportunities. People who innovate, initiate and co-create. People who take action! Developing an entrepreneurial attitude and relevant skills is vital to prepare for life in tomorrow’s world. Not only for aspiring entrepreneurs, but for every single one of us!

Join this track, if you want to find out whether a career as an entrepreneur is for you. Or if you want to discover whether your business idea is viable. Or if you want to learn to think and act like an entrepreneur. With the help of workshops, coaches and experts, you can either build a coalition around your idea, or join a team that is working on something you are passionate about. If you are in search of that extra spark for your business idea, you can seek inspiration by joining one of the other summer school tracks for the first two days. At the end of the week, each team will pitch a working business concept to a panel of experts.Engage with fun-to-be-with people from a variety of backgrounds and with a wide range of interests.

Discover how to shape your dreams for the future on the CuriousU Entrepreneurship course! 

Course Topics

  • “Who is an entrepreneur?”
  • Setting up a Business
  • Pitches
  • Visiting a Company
  • Ideation Workshop
  • Idea selling Workshop
  • Product Design Workshop
  • Customer Discovery
  • Customer Validation

Course aim

After this week in the entrepreneurship track, you will be able to: 

  • evaluate a business opportunity
  • co-create a working business concept
  • add value to a high-performing team.
  • learn from failure and celebrate success
  • pitch a business idea

Course details

  • Methods: Interactive lectures, team projects, individual presentations
  • Course level: Intermediate/advanced
  • Target group: All students with an entrepreneurial spirit, including PhD students.
  • Required knowledge: Interest in valorization of scientific knowledge
  • Course leaders: Ir. J.G. (Joost) Brinkman and A. (Annemarie) Ridder
  • Credits: 2 ECTS for successfully completing the summer school
Course coach Neil Sheridan about his personal EntrepreneurialU experience (video)

Neil Sheridan is President of SVPI, LLC, a Michigan advisory and management corporation active internationally.

Want to know more?

If you need to know more, we have information available about the fee & programme, an admission check, registration & payment, visa, accomodation and the terms & conditions.