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When arriving in the Netherlands, you can get to the University of Twente by different means and and from different places of departure:

From Schiphol airport

Upon arriving at Schiphol airport, make your way to Schiphol Plaza, the airports’ main entrance. Locate the NS ticket desk (opened 24/7) and buy a one-way train ticket to Enschede (€ 21 - € 25). A direct intercity train to Enschede leaves Schiphol train station every hour. If you want to go to the university campus directly you have to alight in Enschede. From there you can either take bus #9 with direction 'Enschede CS' and alight at bus stop 'Kennispark/UT' or take bus #1 with direction 'Hengelo CS' and alight at bus stop 'UT/Hoofdingang'.

Our student Flory shows you how it's done:

From Enschede train station

From Enschede train station, either take bus #1 (direction 'Hengelo CS') and alight at bus stop 'UT/Hoofdingang' or bus #9 (direction 'Enschede CS') and alight at bus stop 'Kennispark/UT' (€ 1,50 - € 3,-).

Airport pick-up service

An airport pick-up service is arranged on selected days in August and February picking up new incoming international students. You will be welcomed at Schiphol airport by student activists from UniTe and guided to the UT campus, by train.

To register for the airport pick up service please complete the registration form and indicate you would like to be picked up from Schiphol Airport. Keep in mind that the airport pick up is only available on selected dates.

To plan your journey from other locations you can use the 9292-website.

Travel tip

Use Google to find a cheap train ticket. If you are travelling with a group, an off-peak group ticket ("groepsticket dal uren") may be the cheaper option.

What to arrange

For more information, refer to the International Student Handbook.

Kick-In introduction days

The UT organizes an introduction period for new (international) students before the start of every Fall and Spring semester called Kick-In. During these days you will meet your fellow students and get to know Enschede and the UT campus. The UT will also help you arrange formalities like formal university registration and first steps towards registration at the municipality of Enschede.

If you have been accepted by the UT you will be personally invited for the introduction days for international students. For more information please visit the Kick-In website. Please note that your attendance to the introduction days is mandatory for all international students in need of visa and/or residence permit. Not attending the introduction days will delay the completion of formalities needed to properly start your studies.

Visit the Kick-In website.

During the Kick-in introduction days you will attend a facility market where you will be able to gather general information about studying here. 

Please consider the COVID-19 guidelines.  

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