What insurance do I need?

Use the flowchart to find out what insurance you need.

How to arrange insurance

EU/EEA Students (On-Campus)

If you are insured under the national health insurance scheme of an EU/EEA member state or Switzerland, your insurance company can provide you with a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). As long as you do not have paid work/internship in the Netherlands, additional insurance is not required. Please be aware that an EHIC is valid for a limited time only, and does not include cover for luggage, liability or legal aid.

If you are not insured under the national health insurance scheme of an EU/EEA member state or Switzerland, you can apply for insurance at a Dutch insurance company, e.g. at AON Nederland.

Non-EU/EEA Students (On-Campus)

For non-EU/EEA students, the University of Twente will guide you in arranging health and liability insurance before arrival. When we send you the confirmation of your visa, we will also send you the insurance information.

On-Campus Employees (PHD)

PhD students can apply for UT collective health insurance from insurance company 'Menzis'. This insurance package covers most basic health care costs. Collective health insurance is often cheaper than arranging insurance yourself. This insurance includes standard dental treatment: other optional packages are also available. For more information visit the UT HR website.

Off Campus Students (ITC)

ITC students will be guided by ITC staff in arranging AON complete insurance. You will receive your insurance certificate by email before arrival, as this is required in your entry visa/residence permit application process.

About insurance packages

AON 'ICS Complete Plus' Insurance

ICS Complete Plus covers all your medical costs and liability in the Netherlands. You are covered for emergency dental care, doctor visits, physiotherapy, acupuncture, medicines, psychotherapies and medical transport. ICS Complete Plus Insurance also covers personal liability, luggage, household contents, accidents, legal aid and repatriation. You are covered during internships and international travel (holiday).  Nonessential procedures will not be covered.

AON Basic Health Insurance

If you are not eligible for ICS Complete cover you must arrange Basic Healthcare Insurance. Basic Healthcare Insurance only covers medical expenses so you are advised to take out extra insurance for liability or other unexpected expenses.

Additional information


Please make sure you always see your general doctor first, before you make an appointment at the hospital. Always inform AON in case of admittance to a hospital, and inform the hospital of your AON insurance information. The hospital will ask for an advance payment of 150,- euro and will send you an invoice for the remaining amount as soon as the total costs are known.

Working during your stay

When you have a (part-time) job in the Netherlands, you are obliged to have a Basic Healthcare Insurance – even if you only work for one hour per week next to your study. This insurance needs to start the day you start your job. If you neglect to do this, you will receive a fine which can become very high. A Basic Healthcare Insurance costs around € 100,- a month, so in case you do not work many hours, you might want to reconsider taking the job.

Rules are different when you are doing an internship. Please contact the Student Services Desk in the Vrijhof to check whether or not you need to change your insurance.

Visiting guests and friends

Relatives and guests of students/ employees are also obliged to have a health insurance during their stay in the Netherlands. Extra insurances are strongly recommended, especially the personal liability and the emergency assistance insurance (flight to home-country in case of a life threatening situation or death of a family member). A deposit is paid in advance, based on the duration of the family/guest stay. Please contact ITC Student Affairs for more information.