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Have a chance to win the € 5000,- Niers Fund eHealth Voucher 2024! Submit your innovative idea in eHealth or rehabilitation technology

Do you have an innovative idea in eHealth or rehabilitation technology? A technological innovation that contributes to solving our problems in healthcare and that makes an impact in society? And would you like to develop this idea further? Then this is your chance and we would love to hear from you!  As a student, PhD candidate or young alumnus of the University of Twente, you have a chance to win the Niersfonds eHealth Voucher 2024 of €5,000 with your innovative idea!

The eHealth Voucher is awarded to stimulate new ideas in eHealth or rehabilitation technology. The winner must use the amount as 'seed money' to further develop their idea. UT's BSS Department will also assist with the development process with support, materials and workspace. Perhaps your idea will be developed into a prototype in the DesignLab or be evaluated and tested under the supervision of a researcher!

Do you want to win that eHealth Voucher?

Will your idea make a difference in healthcare and have an impact in society? Let us know before 1 August by sending an email to universiteitsfonds@utwente.nl with the subject line: Niers Fund eHealth Voucher 2024. Final applications should be received before 1 September 2024. Read on the University Foundation website how you can submit your own idea and what conditions it must meet. Good luck!

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