Valentines serenade by InSPE

One of the most dreaded (or romantic, depending on who you ask) holidays is coming up: Valentine's Day! 💜

Are you one of the people that feels like you have to show your love to someone this day? You are in luck! Several members of InSPE are here to help you in the form of a serenade!

Starting from €10 you can hire us to perform a live serenade of an existing song, a live serenade of an original song or to receive a demo of an original song. You can fill in the form to request your serenade.

All the money we raise with the serenades will be used for InSPE's performance of The Addams Family on the 31th of May, 1st of June and 3rd of June. 

The deadline for the live original song or the demo is the 1st of February. The requests for live existing songs will close later.

First come, first serve!