Cultural activities for you!

Vrijhof Culture is there for all cultural activities on campus. In doing so, we work a lot with and for students. Currently you can see an Amnesty UT exhibition titled: Let's Talk About Yes! in the small exhibition space in the Vrijhof. It was created and set up by students and is taking place in three different phases until the end of September. The exhibition has a contemporary theme, is sometimes confrontational, but has also already generated many wonderful conversations. Haven't gone to see it yet? It is very much worth your while.  

Groninger Student Cabaret Festival

Very well known in the Netherlands: the Groninger Cabaret Festival. It has already produced many cabaret talents. On Wednesday, September 28 and Thursday, September 29, the Festival will come to the Vrijhof for a Try-Out. During this Try-Out Tour, the six young talents perfect their acts. They will be prepared to play the stars of heaven on November 16 in the Groninger Stadsschouwburg. With strong jokes and fascinating stories, they hope to follow in the footsteps of famous predecessors such as Jochem Myjer and Theo Maassen.

On Wednesday, September 28 Wina Ricardo, Jelle Brouwer and Tim Kroezen will show you their talent and on September 29 Finn Visser, Abu Younis and Marjon Maasbommel will perform for you. Check the website for more information! Be there!