BDSi Data Science Week

BDSi is organising a new Data Science Week from 19 to 26 September 2022! During this week you will work on solving a real data science case. To help you get started, BDSi organises seminars and workshops throughout the week to introduce the main steps involved in any data science project. You will learn about data wrangling, data visualisation, and model building and tuning. BDSi staff will be available to guide you when you run into problems or have questions.

The goal of this week is to introduce interested BMS staff and students to data science in a fun and collaborative way and help form a community of data scientists at BMS. The event is open to beginners and experts, and everyone in between! It is useful to have experience with R because that is what we will be using during the week. You can work alone or sign up as a team of friends or colleagues. So if you want to gain data science skills or sharpen them, sign up now!

For more information visit the website and to sign up click here. Don't worry if you can't join this week, there will be another one in March.