UT Entrepreneurial Challenge 2022

Do you have an idea, prototype or start-up? Step on stage! Because no matter how small it may seem at the moment or how far you have already come, the UT Entrepreneurial Challenge 2022 is starting on 3 March and is there to help you reach the next step.

At the University of Twente we are proud of the entrepreneurial mindset of our students. You are the ones who can make a change and create impact. For the sixth edition in a row the University of Twente, Student Union, Novel-T, ETM and Designlab want to challenge students to join the UT Entrepreneurial Challenge with their idea or project.

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By pitching your idea on www.utchallenge.nl you will join the innovative ecosystem of dozens of fellow students, a diverse network of (inter)national partners with broad expertise and successful entrepreneurs. Via networking, (interactive) workshops/talks and fun events spread over 4 months, we will help you to reach the next step. Both personally and with your project. The events include a Kick-off Event, a Speed Date Event, and the Grand Finale. Aside from the events, the time you invest during the timeline is up to you. You can find a more detailed timeline here. 

In addition to developing personal and professional skills, you can win some amazing prizes up to €25,000 in total to kick-start your idea. Whether you’re just starting in the ideation phase, or have already developed a prototype or business plan. Each category can take part in, and benefit from this challenge! Read more about the conditions of entry here.

Connect. Grow. Step on Stage. Showcase your idea. Sign up here for this valuable and fun experience and let us help you on your way to success! Visit www.utchallenge.nl for more information.