The wonderful world of the tear Maurice Mikkers


Every tear has a hidden story. They are small droplets of fluid, but at the same time complex vials of human emotion produced by one of the most basic and primal expressions of our feelings and thoughts: crying.

In 2015, Maurice Mikkers started on a quest to turn tears into works of art, which resulted in the ‘Imaginarium of Tears’.

Imaginarium of Tears is now an ongoing photography project. Maurice Mikkers captures the beauty of tears by crystalizing and subsequently photographing them underneath a microscope. These micrographs of crytallized tears function as story tellers. Maurice Mikkers: “Since every tear has a hidden story, the ultimate goal is to create more awareness around the stories and challenges faced in life that caused these tears, therefore hopefully bringing people closer together.” Maurice Mikkers believes we should embrace our tears. “They are one of the true expressions of yourself and your connection to the world.”

For more information about Maurice's work go to his website.

The occasion for this exhibition is the lecture of Prof. Dr. Ad Vingerhoets on 4 October from 19.30 - 21.00 hrs organised by Studium Generale. Lecture is in Dutch.