Dear students,

It has been a tough time until now, and we are still in a (partial)lockdown. We all want to go back to our lives before COVID-19. The days in which we could freely go wherever we pleased, and enjoy life as a student. Maybe you’ve already shed a tear, thinking back to those good old days. However, there is something that might cheer you up! Something that will really take you back to those good old days before COVID-19. On the 23rd of April, there will be an online escape room for all students in Enschede. The escape room will take you to the Oude Markt, and you will be appointed the task of solving the mystery of ‘t Gat in de Markt. The story of the escape room is all about student life in Enschede and takes you to some memorable places where you might find clues to the mystery. The escape room will be fully in Dutch and is organized by members of the Student Association Audentis. In celebration of the 40th birthday of our Association, we wanted to give something to all the students in Enschede. Those who can all use that helping hand in these tough times. For the best detectives and puzzlers, there are certain prizes to be won. The grand prize being a VIP all you can eat dinner at the Ginza.

If you would like to take part in this event, you can submit via the following link.

Keep in mind that every member of a team has to submit, and the form has to be filled in with the Team Name and corresponding players. Teams can range from 3 to 6 players.