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Personalised eHealth Pre-session: IMPACT ON CARE & SOCIETY

Personalised ehealth Pre-session

Impact on care and society 

This session will be about unlocking the potential of Personalised eHealth applications to create an impact in care and society. An example is the Dutch CoronaMelder, a notification application designed to warn those who are at risk of becoming infected with coronavirus because of spending too much time in close contact with someone who is infected. Prof. dr. ir. Lisette van Gemert from the University of Twente has been leading the team to test the user orientation of the CoronaMelder, she will elaborate on the studies and her advice to improve the final version. 

How can we successfully scale Dutch health innovations to United States markets? Vivian de Ruiter is an expert in the field of US market for eHealth applications. She will illustrate which applications have the potential to success in the US, sketch the cloud-based readiness of US hospitals for digital applications and address concerns and approaches to the protection of personal data.

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September 29, start at 15.00 CET


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Welcome & introduction speakers Monique Tabak (session chair)

Implementing a smart monitoring platform to fight COVID-19 


Prof. dr. Lisette van Gemert, University of Twente

How to enter US markets with digital health solutions

Vivian de Ruijter MD, Senior Manager, Digital and Technology Group, Manatt Ventures at Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP




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