We are currently in a national lockdown, all corona measures have been tightened and a night-time curfew has been introduced. You can find all the information you need about the measures taken in the Netherlands on the website of the national government. The University follows the guidelines drawn up by the national government and the RIVM and tailors its own specific measures accordingly. In short, this means that the research and education activities currently taking place on campus are severely restricted, doctoral degree defences and PDeng defences are held online and working from home continues to be the standard. Furthermore, many facilities - such as the Sports Centre - will remain closed for the foreseeable future. If you have any questions or suggestions for improvements, fill out our corona contact form or send an email to the central information point info@utwente.nl.

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We ask you to avoid coming to the campus unless you absolutely have to be there. This will help us minimise social interaction and travel. The urgent advice to stay at home applies in every sense: ask yourself whether activities such as meetings are truly necessary and whether you can somehow conduct said activities online. We ask everyone to take their responsibility and make well-informed decisions.

If you have to come to campus, you must follow the UT's general corona guidelines and check out the CampusCrowdMap. This app shows you the expected size of the crowd in our buildings, so you can decide for yourself what buildings you can safely visit and what buildings you should stay away from. For more background information about the campuscrowdmap, take a look at www.utwente.nl/campuscrowdmap.


As a university, it is important to us that everyone can study and work safely on our campus. We therefore ask anyone visiting our campus and our buildings to follow the UT's general corona guidelines. While moving around in the university's buildings, wearing a face mask is mandatory. You can take off your face mask once you have sat down. Colleagues appointed to the role of corona coordinators help us oversee compliance with these regulations. We have:

  • Made wearing a face mask mandatory;
  • Introduced additional hygiene measures;
  • Modified the layout of our buildings to facilitate a safe distance of 1.5 metres;
  • Added instructions and routing to minimise the number of simultaneous movements;

If you do not feel safe on campus despite the preventative measures we have introduced, contact your supervisor or programme director. Wherever possible, we will provide additional accommodations to realise this.


Until 2 March 2021, no events can be held on campus. As soon as this restriction is lifted, you can contact the Events department (events@utwente.nl) to determine whether your event can be held. If you wish to cancel an event, you can also contact events@utwente.nl. They can inform you about the steps you need to take.

Consult the Student Union's website for the guidelines for study associations. They have created a corona page with information and inspiration on how to offer UT students the same support and fun as before, albeit in accordance with the applicable guidelines and restrictions.

Doctoral degree defence and PhD defence
During the current lockdown, all doctoral degree defences will be held exclusively online. This means no audience can physically attend your doctoral defence ceremony. It is not possible to postpone a doctoral degree defence until a later date.

The Doctoral Degree Board has temporarily suspended the signature requirement for committee members on the doctoral certificate. These measures will remain in effect until they are revoked by the rector.

Graduation colloquia
Likewise, all graduation colloquia will be held exclusively online until at least 7 February. We have drawn up a protocol for organising colloquia. This protocol can be found here.

Study areas at the University

We are aware that students need to study on campus. Sometimes it is nice to be in a different environment and to see other people. Therefore, we have added extra study spaces in the University Library, Horst, Spiegel, Bastille and Ravelijn. Recently the Student Union reopened the Wallstreet location in the centre of town. A tent is currently being set up on the O&O square, and we are also putting up a text behind the Horst building. These will be open for use as of Wednesday, 10 March (O&O Square tent) and Friday, 12 March (tent behind Horst).

You are required to make a reservation for all locations via the Resource Booker.


Lab-based research can continue during the coming period, albeit with strict observance of the applicable corona safety measures. External users can also continue to make use of these facilities.

Buildings and facilities

From 31 August, all UT buildings will be open during the standard opening hours. A number of facilities on campus will be closed until 15 April.

Sports centre

Due to the curfew the Sports Centre has adjusted opening hours. Please go to the Sports Centre website for an overview of possibilities of outdoor sports.

Study associations

As of Monday, 15 March the boards of the associations with a boardroom on campus will have access to their rooms again for incidental use. They will be informed via the Student Union on the regulations and procedure.


The library in the Vrijhof will remain open for UT students who do not have a suitable study environment at home (Opening Hours Library Vrijhof). Note that you are still required to reserve a workspace in the library. Only UT students with a valid reservation and student card may access the library. The library can also be used for printing, but a printer time slot reservation is required. The computer area is open and its fourteen plug-in screens (BYO device) are available. For more information about library services during Covid-19 please visit Covid-19: library services & updates.

Furthermore, students can use the ITC library's sixty-one study areas for independent study from Wednesday to Friday (09:30-17:00). This location also has a Pick-Up & Return point that is open during office hours. It is located near the entrance to the ITC library.   

Student Services

The physical desk of Student Services is only open by appointment and on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:00 to 13:00. Of course, Student Services will be available by phone and email during all office hours.

If you have any questions or concerns that you wish to talk about, you can contact Student Services by calling 053-4892124. You can contact Student Services between the hours of 10:00 and 13:00. Alternatively, you can send an email to studentservices@utwente.nl.

Contact your student adviser if you have study-related questions or if you face serious financial troubles. ITC MSc students can contact Student Affairs via studentaffairs-itc@utwente.nl for all their questions.

Sports Centre

The Sports Centre will remain closed until 2 March. Check the website for more information about available sports activities and how to reserve one of these activities. Click here for an overview of available home workouts.

Picking up goods

The various service desks for picking up goods will stay open. If you have ordered home office equipment, you can pick it up in the Faculty Club on Thursdays between 10:00 and 15:00.

Food and drinks

The cafeterias, Starbucks and the sports cafeteria will remain closed until 2 March 2021.  

Students FAQ

  • Can I terminate my rental contract early?

    If you rent via UT Housing Office, you can contact them about terminating your rental contract. If you are leaving as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been agreed with ITC/Stadsweide and De Veste to be lenient and terminate your contract. Housing Office will set the end date of your contract depending on the date on which you contacted them.

    If you rent via Camelot, you must contact them and they will review your situation. XIOR employs a three-month notice period and a €125 fine for early contract termination.

    Students who are not renting via UT Housing Office must contact their lessor themselves.

  • I returned home, but left all my belongings behind in my room. Can I get a discount on my rent?

    Unfortunately, that is not possible because you have signed a rental contract and your property is still in the room. That makes you the official tenant of the accommodation in question. Contact your student adviser if you face financial difficulties.