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Checklist for new ET employees



Service Portal

The UT Service Portal ( is the central entrance for all products and services for UT employees. Many items listed below are available through the Service Portal.

Employee Card

As an employee of the UT you will receive an employee card at the start of employment.

You can use this card for identification purposes and to use the various facilities of the UT, including the copy machine, follow-me printing, access to buildings, etc. The card is strictly personal and is provided with your photograph and UT number (M number). The card is not allowed to be used by others. The card is issued by the ICT Servicedesk.

Location and opening hours of the ICT Servicedesk:
The ICT Servicedesk is open from 08:30 to 17:00 and is located in the Citadel building. You access the Citadel building from the O&O square side.

People Pages

People Pages (NL: / EN: is more than just the university’s phone directory. It also provides full profile pages for all employees. Available information from other systems will be displayed automatically (for example your publications, the courses you teach, link to your department website) and you can add your own texts (biography, your projects, social media etc.). Documentation is available on


An ICT account will be created for you automatically. This account offers access to ICT facilities. You will receive an activation link on your private email address. Use this link to activate your ICT account. Read more on the UT Service Portal.

Cyber Safety

As an employee, you want to work safely online and you value your own privacy and that of others. Please go to the cyber safety website to find out what has been arranged by the UT what you can do yourself. You will find information about relevant legislation and the UT policy, an explanation of security incidents and how to report them and tips to protect yourself. Read more at

Selfservice through web applications


The UT frequently uses web applications for the purpose of selfservice. You can use the web applications to request leave and for submitting hours and expenses. The web applications also offer a digital specification of your salary and annual statement. Go to and log in using your employee number and password.

You need to enter your employment pattern via the web application in order to calculate your entitlement to hours of leave. This only applies if you do not have a full-time contract. More information on the employment pattern is available at:

Introduction for new employees





Introduction for teachers


Introductory meetings for new employees are held on a regular basis. As a new employee, you will receive an invitation for the next meeting. We recommend attending this meeting, as this will help to get settled in quickly.

Some of the topics that will be addressed during the meeting are:
- The mission, vision and strategy of the UT
- The UT as an organization and as an employer
- Inspiring speaker about his/her activities at the UT

More information is available on the HR website:

Are you a teacher or coordinator looking for direct support with your education or do you want to work on your own professionalization? Contact our colleagues from Centre of Expertise in Learning and Teaching (CELT) or visit their website

Applying for leave

You have to apply for leave yourself: Use your employee number and your unique password to log on to the web application ‘Verlof’ (Leave). Here, you can see exactly how many hours of leave you have left. In the application you can request leave or special leave. Your   supervisor then approves / decreases the leave.

If you work part-time, the days on which you work need to be registered for correct calculation of your leave entitlement. Use the web application ‘Arbeidspatroon’ (Employment pattern) to register your working days.

More information on leave can be found at:


If you are unable to work due to illness, you must report your illness to your manager or his representative and secretariat by telephone before 9:00.

Barrier passes for the Campus

Barrier passes are, in principle, only for UT staff and students with a car that is registered in their own name and address, with a postcode on the campus or the area to the north of it. More information about the barrier pass is available on the Service Portal. 

Access to building the Horst outside office hours

If you still want to have access to building the Horst outside office hours, you can submit a request for this to the secretary of your department. More information via the access/authorisation page on the Service Portal.

Opening hours Horst building

The regular opening hours of the Horst building are:
Monday to Thursday from 8.00 until 20.00 and Friday from 8.00 until 18.00

If you still want to have access to building the Horst outside office hours, you can submit a request for this to the secretary of your department. More information via the website is available on the access/authorisation page.

The regular opening hours of other UT buildings can be found in the campus section of the UT website. 

Access bicycle parking in front of the Horst building

The secured, covered bicycle parking in front of the Horst building has a new digital access control system. It can be accessed by using the employee card. Employees can apply for authorization if they work in the Horst complex and use their bike regularly (at least weekly, due to limited space available). Apply for authorization through the access/authorisation page.

Employee portal

The employee portal is where you can find all internal communications and events. Here, you also have access to all web applications, where you can handle all personal matters. On the basis of your profile information, you will automatically receive all messages in the portal that are relevant to you (news for UT as well as all news for your unit). In addition, you can subscribe to news and events on the basis of the subject, the building, the sender or the target group. Go to your personal settings (click on your profile picture) and subscribe so you will always be informed about the subjects you prefer. The portal can be accessed through If you have messages you would like to share, please fill in the News and Events submission form (See HELP box in the time line of the portal). The editorial department can be reached by sending an email to:

Library account and pass

As a staff member you automatically receive a library account with your employee card. With this account you can manage your borrower information, request books, make reservations and book renewals. The UT number on the card is the user name of your library account.

To search for literature, visit the library section of the Service Portal. Using FindUT you can find out if book or publication is in the collection of the library. If the book is available click on ‘request item’ and fill in your library number and password. If you don’t have a password then click on ‘forgot your password’. A temporarily password will be send to your UT email address. Reset the password and request the book.

List of UT abbreviations

New employees will find that the UT uses many abbreviations. A list of abbreviations has been created to help out:

Confidential Advisors


The confidential advisor advises and supports individual staff members who are confronted with unacceptable behaviour like intimidation, (sexual) harassment, aggression, violence, discrimination, bullying or stalking. UT staff can also approach the confidential advisor in case of a workplace conflict related to or arising from unacceptable behaviour.

The contact details can be found at: