- Information has been updated following the latest regulations presented by the Dutch national government on Friday, 26 November 2021 -

This page contains a summary of all the information that students and employees need to know about working and studying during the corona crisis. If you have any questions or suggestions for improvements, fill out the corona contact form or send an email to our central information point info@utwente.nl.

Basic measures

It remains important to follow the basic measures:

  • Wear a mouth mask when you move from one room to another. If you are sitting down, the mouth mask may be removed.
  • Wash your hands regularly, cough or sneeze into your elbow, do not shake hands.
  • Perform a self-test regularly.
  • Stay home if you have symptoms and test yourself with a self-test. In case of a possible result, get tested at the regional health services GGD.
  • Outside on the campus, you have to keep a distance of 1,5 meters, this is obligatory on the basis of national regulations. In the UT buildings, this is not compulsory, but it is sensible to keep a distance where possible.

Maximum group size

The limits on maximum group size for education is no more than 75 people in an independent room (excluding staff). This does not apply to examinations. Study programmes and lecturers are free to decide whether they wish to offer a lecture with more than 75 students entirely online or partially online. Your lecturer will inform you of this. In principle, they also record their lectures or offer them via live stream if you are unable to attend.

When the maximum number of people in a room will be limited based on the ventilation capacity, it will be clearly indicated. If you have any questions about this please contact the Health, Safety & Environmental (HSE) coordinators. Note: we ask you to critically assess the need for events or activities with larger groups.

We’d like to remind you that we have created a simple tool that can help you make the best decision about coming to campus. Please refer to this as soon as you have any symptoms or are (or have been) in contact with someone with symptoms. 

Can I come to campus?
There is always a possibility that you become infected with Covid-19 or that you come into contact with someone who has been infected. We have developed a practical tool that tells you exactly what to do in which situation


The advice on working from home has been tightened: Employees should work at home whenever possible. For some people, it is crucial that they are present on campus to ensure that education and research activities can continue as normal. This includes lecturers, support in the laboratories and the presence of in-house emergency and first-aid service (Bhv). Discuss with your manager how you can continue to do your work in a good way.

Face masks mandatory 

From Saturday, 6 November 2021, wearing a face mask will be mandatory in publicly accessible buildings, including shops, libraries and educational institutions. This means that from that moment on you must wear a (non-medical) face mask when you are in any of the UT buildings. You only have to wear a face mask when you move from one room to another. Once you sit down, you can take it off. A bandana or scarf is not an acceptable alternative.


Within the current rules, it is still possible to hold events. However, we think it is important to consider carefully to what extent an event is necessary and whether an online alternative is sufficient. Business events can be held in the buildings of UT until 17:00 hours. A permanent seat is required, as well as showing a corona admission ticket. Drinks (borrels) are not permitted in the various drinking areas in the UT buildings.

PhD defences, graduation ceremonies, inaugural lectures and other academic ceremonies

Academic ceremonies such as promotions, graduation colloquia and inaugural lectures are an integral part of the research and teaching activities of the University of Twente. These can take place, taking into account the maximum group size of 75 people in a room. It is not necessary to show a corona admission pass.

Sports, Culture and other facilities

The new measures of 26 November do have an effect on the sports and cultural activities on our campus. The stricter rules for these activities can be found on the website of the Sports Centre.


For the catering facilities on the campus, a closing time of 17.00 hours applies, with the exception of the restaurant in the Waaier building. This restaurant serves as company restaurant and may remain open after 17:00 for people who also have to work in the evening.


The University Library in the Vrijhof remains open after 17:00, until 22:00 during the week and 20:00 in the weekends. Please check the University Library website.


You can make an appointment for a Covid-19 vaccination with the municipal health service (GGD) online or by phone by calling 0800-7070. The municipal health services (GGD) has extended the opening hours. Everyone who is registered with the municipality in the Basic Registration of Persons (BRP) can also get the first coronavirus vaccination dose without an appointment. Go to the website Walk-in vaccination centre for more information. 

Go to Rijksoverheid.nl/coronavirus for all the information regarding Covid-19. 


In principle, the nationally introduced Corona Access Certificate in CoronaCheck does not apply to the UT. However, there may be situations on campus where it is required. Fort instance, for external guests in our Sports Centre, but you also for events or theatre and cultural performances in the Vrijhof. The Theater Café is also covered by the same requirements with regard to these performances. A coronavirus entry pass is required for indoor areas of establishments serving food and drinks. For example the UParkhotel and the restaurant and Grand Café at The Gallery. Please check the websites of these establishments before your visit. 

You can get a Corona Access Certificate if:

  • you have proof of vaccination,
  • you have had COVID-19 and proof of recovery,
  • you have a negative test result of a maximum of 24 hours old.

Your Corona Access Certificate must be on your mobile phone. To obtain this certificate, you can use the CoronaCheck app.

Useful links and toolboxes for lecturers

To support educational staff with their online education activities, the TELT team has created a special web page with recommended tools for online education. You can also contact them via telt@utwente.nl.

Manuals streaming and recording in lecture rooms

Visit the Service Portal page for manuals regarding streaming and recording


In light of the corona pandemic, various websites contain relevant information for lecturers. CELT has created an overview of relevant websites (and links) and the sort of information they offer. 


Request travelling abroad to orange and red countries

UT recognises that in exceptional cases, when urgent necessity requires it, travel to orange coded destinations is desired. In these cases, the UT International Mobility Covid Committee can decide on requests to allow international travel of students, PhD and staff to destinations that are coded orange due to Covid-19. Please do not travel to an area with a negative travel advice (red coded destinations).

Prepare your journey well

Before you leave, check the travel advice on wijsopreis.nl (in Dutch) and reizentijdenscorona.rijksoverheid.nl/en. Please note: Masks remain mandatory when travelling on public transport, in a taxi or at the airport.