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Share files with a guest in Microsoft Teams

Team channel messages

Everyone in a Team, including guests, can share files in the Teams channel conversation. These files are stored in your Team's SharePoint environment and are shared with every team member.

Person-to-person chat

In a person-to-person chat, a guest user cannot share files.

Microsoft Teams uses a personal OneDrive folder (called Microsoft Teams Chat Files) to share files in a person-to-person chat. The files uploaded in the chat will be placed in that folder and are automatically shared with the person you’re chatting with. As a guest user, you don't have a personal OneDrive. This prevents you from sharing files. However, it is possible to share files from an internal account to a guest.

Alternatives for sharing files with a guest

If you’re chatting with a guest who is not a member of a Team that you’re part of, the fastest way to share files is through e-mail.

When a guest is a member of your team and only wants to share files with you, you can create a new private channel in your Team and add the guest as a member. Now you can share files in the tab Posts.

  • Click on the 3-dots behind your Team

  • Select Add channel
  • Give your channel a name and select Private

Click here for more information about guest access in Teams.