Overview of campus events

Internal event overview

Upcoming events (PDF overview)

Only visible after login for UT members:

There is also a page displaying a list of all events entered in the UT website system (Dutch version/English version). This list features all events that are available on public websites. Events only placed on protected websites (like employee portal) are not shown.

Large (annual) campus events

Various large-scale campus events are organised, such as the Batavieren Race, UT Triathlon or festivals such as Green Vibrations. You can find an overview of these campus events on the general UT website in the public events section on the UT website.

Besides this, there are also a number of corporate events or academic ceremonies, such as the Opening of the Academic Year, the DIES (UT’s birthday), Entrepreneurial Day, New Year’s Breakfast, etc. You can find an overview of the corporate events and academic ceremonies here in the UT service portal.

Other events and activities

Activities by specific research groups and institutes are posted on the website of the group/institute in question. See our overviews of the research groups /departments and institutes.