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Share recording Microsoft Teams meeting in Stream


This guide describes how to share a recording of a Teams meeting.


This manual uses a consistent style of writing: references to text and buttons on screens are printed in italics, information that you have to enter yourself is printed in bold.  

Sharing a recorded Teams meeting

After a recording of a Teams meeting has ended, the recording will be available in the chat of the meeting and at The person who started the recording will also receive an email.

By default, the recording is visible only to meeting invitees and / or members of the team if the meeting is assigned to a team channel. The person who started the recording and the organizer of the meeting has rights in stream to adjust the visibility of the video via the pen icon:

If the recording was made from within a channel of a Public Team, the recording will be visible to the entire organization (entire University of Twente), although the video itself shows limited.


At the top right of the team you can see whether a team is Public or Private. The owner of a team can subsequently switch between Public or Private via Edit Team.

= public team

= private team

In addition to the scenario described above, it is also possible to show or hide a recorded meeting for the entire University from Teams. The recorded meeting appears in the chat associated with the meeting (may take a few minutes). Click on the three dots and then Share.

The next screen appears:

When clicking on Share, the following will appear:

In Stream, the visibility for the video will now change to Company:

By clicking on Stop sharing it will change to Limited.

The same can be done in Stream itself by clicking the pen icon and checking the box: Allow everyone in your company, or by unchecking the box.