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Website for project, collaboration or large event

For projects, joint research initiatives or collaboration the UT can provide a website that you update yourself.


By default, every UT websites uses the UT website templates as used by research departments, faculties, etc. For projects with other major partners involved, you can use the 'non-branding' template. The look and feel are the same, but the UT logo and 'UT style elements' are removed. There is space for your own logo and partner logos. There is a support desk available for any kind of help you need for these UT templates. Here everything (the full list as mentioned below) is already optimized for you, you only have to fill the content (photo/text/video). 

Self-built option 

Alternatively, the UT can provide some web space on a server for you. LISA calls this non-standard web hosting. In that case, you can design/build the website yourself without any support. Please note, you will need knowledge in the following area:

Utwente.nl vs own domain name

For higher ranking in Google utwente.nl sites work best and are used by default. If external parties are involved in your website project/cooperation, an own domain name like www.projectabc.nl is possible. This may also be an .org or .eu extension. Please do not request .com websites as these are for commercial activities/businesses and may give a wrong impression of what your website is about.


We suggest using the UT template (option 1A in the request form) or the one without UT logo (option 1D) for

Request form and contact

Please use the website request form to submit your request or contact onlinemedia@utwente.nl (phone 5665) if you have any additional questions.