The University of Twente offers various repositories for output created by researchers and students. Consult the information below to access these repositories, and to learn more about their content and purpose. 

UT Research Information

This institutional repository (direct access) showcases research output, information about its researchers, activities, press/media, prizes and research units at the University of Twente. You can use it for example to find the research ouput and staff of specific research units, or to look up the latest research activities of the Unviersity of Twente. For information about adding your own research output or activities to this repository, please consult this page

UT Student Theses

In this repository (direct access) bachelor and master theses of students of the University of Twente can be found. The majority of the theses in the repository allow for access to the full-text. For some theses the access is restricted to a summary or abstract of the work. You can use UT Student Theses to get inpiration for your own theses or academic works and to find useful resources in your topic of interest. UT Student Theses is indexed by Google, which means that the works in it can be found via Google Scholar, and that citations in theses to your work are counted in your Google Scholar metrics.

UT Proceedings

In this repository (direct access) you can find proceedings of past academic events organized at the University of Twente.