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Installing, scheduling and participating in Teams


Teams is the successor of Skype for Business. With Teams, you invite colleagues to chat, meet, call and collaborate. All this in one place, wherever you are.

Before you start

  • This manual is written for Windows, Linux, Apple, Android and Apple mobile telephones.
  • This manual uses a consistent style of writing: references to text and buttons on screens are printed in italics, information that you have to enter yourself is printed in bold.  


  • An Internet connection.
  • (UT) e-mail address.

Installing Microsoft Teams

  • Go to
  • Log on with your (UT) email address.
  • Click on the download button on the bottom left.
  • Install Teams with predefined settings.
  • Once installed, log on with your (UT) email address .

You have now downloaded and installed Microsoft Teams.

Mobile apps can be downloaded here: Android or iOS.

Scheduling a Microsoft Teams meeting

It is easy to schedule a meeting directly in Teams. Please, follow these steps.

If you want to use Outlook, follow the steps below:

  • Open your calendar in Microsoft Outlook.
  • Click on the button New Teams Meeting.
  • Enter the Title of the meeting, insert the people required or optional and select the date and time. Click Send. 

The people you selected will now receive a Teams meeting invitation.

Participate in a Microsoft Teams meeting

  • If accepted the invitation, an item will be added to your calendar. To join the meeting, click the link Join Microsoft Teams Meeting in the calendar item.
  • Outlook will open Microsoft Teams directly or a new webpage will open to Microsoft Teams.
  • Now enable or disable your microphone and camera and click Join Now to enter the meeting.

Click here for the manual to learn the basics in Microsoft Teams.