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Virtual workplace (Horizon): manual for Linux


You can access the Horizon environment by using the web portal https://workspace.utwente.nl.
During the first login to the Horizon environment, you can choose between access based on HTML or by using the VMware Horizon Client.
If a client is available for your operating system, we advise you to install it. This manual describes how to install the Windows VMware Horizon Client.

Before you start


Open a browser (for example Chrome, Firefox) and type https://workspace.utwente.nl in the address bar.


After the computer is restarted you can start the Horizon client by clicking the icon at the desktop/startmenu.


It is possible that you have installed an application locally which is also available in Horizon. When asked which application should be used to open a file, use the local application to prevent unnecessary load on the server environment.

You can click on the gear icon and select the sharing menu to access local files.