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Tips after changing password for Mac

Mac-account: when removing software or profiles, or when reinstalling the system, you will be asked to enter the password you chose yourself when you’ve installed the Mac. The following window will appear (the text “Configuration Profile Tool can differ):



After a password change you have to change or delete the UT related entries in the keychain. To open the keychain, click on the magnifying glass and type “Keychain”.


In the keychain, passwords:are stored for:

Reinstall printer:

See: Reinstall printer mac.

Reinstall Eduroam

Check at system preferences () if there is an item ‘Profiles’ ().https://www.utwente.nl/lisa/diensten/catalogus/wachtwoordwijzigen/mac/mac-3.pnghttps://www.utwente.nl/lisa/diensten/catalogus/wachtwoordwijzigen/mac/mac-4.png

Delete the eduroam profiles and also all eduroam related entries in the Keychain.

Next, click the network icon () and select eduroam. After a few seconds you will be asked to enter your credentials. Type your username (https://www.utwente.nl/lisa/diensten/catalogus/wachtwoordwijzigen/mac/mac-5.png(UT) email address for employees and password and click OK.



Delete all webdrive related entries in the Keychain.


On the desktop, click “Go”.


Select “Connect to Server”.

Connect to https://webdrive.utwente.nl, log in with your (UT) e-mail address and password and click “Connect”.


VPN Tunnelblick

Delete all Tunnelblick entries in the keychain.

When connecting again you will be asked to enter your credentials ((UT) e-mail address and password).

Ad-domain M- and P-drive

Delete all ad.utwente.nl entries in the keychain.

On the desktop, click “Go”.

Select “Connect to Server”.

Connect to smb://ad.utwente.nl and log in with your (UT) e-mail address and password.