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Video creation by external suppliers

Would you like to have a video made of a congress or an awards ceremony? Or perhaps you would like to make the presentation of your institute a little more dynamic? There are very many options, but in order to be able to evaluate quotations properly, you do need to have some knowledge of matters such as prices, rights and scripts. We are happy to help in making things easier. Below is a list of parties with which the University of Twente often works. They offer good value for money.


Simulplus are Frans Strikker and Yke Hoek. Together, they regularly carry out video assignments for events such as the Opening of the Academic Year, the Dies and various awards ceremonies at the University of Twente.

Frans Strikker - frans@simulplus.nl
Yke Hoek - yke@simulplus.nl

Moekotte Media Videoproducties

Moekette Media has been UT's preferred supplier since 2013 when it comes to video productions. They make a wide range of online videos for defences or informative videos for faculties, service departments and institutes. Other options are recordings or aftermovies from lectures and events.

Dennis Moekotte
Deurningerstraat 181
7522 CB Enschede

View their work at: https://vimeo.com/moekottemedia

Video services LISA department

De LISA department is designed to make professional video recordings. The services vary from recording or livestreaming lectures or events (from small lectures to TedXTwenteU) at every location with, for example screen grabbing and multiple camera's, to microlectures in the studio in the Citadel or the ITC building. Next to the standard video products, they also make specific video's for MOOC's or project proposals. These are made in close cooperation with the educationalist of the CES department.

The applications for standard video services can be made via the UT selfserviceportal https://selfservice.utwente.nl. For special requests or larger projects, you can contact the ICT servicedesk of LISA.