On 19 October 2015 UT joined forces with three new translation partners, Taalcentrum-VU, Vertaalbureau Perfect and Vertaalbureau Concorde. Do you need a translation of a magazine article, press release, policy document or another text? Then one of our three partners will be glad to help! We have made solid agreements with these three partners on pricing, quality levels and working methods. Below you will find more information on our three partners and their rates. Keen to request a translation asap? Keep reading to find out how!


We have agreed on fixed rates with the three partners to immediately give you a clear idea of what to expect. Moreover, this eliminates the need for complex quotation procedures. Once you’ve sent our translation partner a request for a translation, they’ll get started straight away. You will only need to confirm translation assignments of 500 euro and above.


Needless to say, each partner has its own field of expertise, approach and pricing strategy. Therefore, should you be unfamiliar with the three parties, we recommend you try out every one of them to see which one best suits your needs and expectations. That being said, they all meet the UT quality and terminology criteria.


Click on the translation agencies to discover their rates, delivery terms and how to place an order.

  • Vertaalbureau Perfect

    Vertaalbureau Perfect: flexible and fast translation services, in which quality and a personal approach go hand in hand. From our Enschede office we can offer tailor-made solutions, with the aim of contributing to your success. Our diverse translator portfolio ensures we can provide translations in an array of languages and specialist fields. Your marketing, creative and website texts, journalistic texts, academic as well as informative articles, legal documents, correspondence and manuals are in good hands with us. Whether German, Spanish or Russian –feel free to ask about the possibilities!

    Successful past assignments include reports on sustainability, wind farms, short-term press releases and various policy documents. We work with native translators exclusively, and all our texts are inspected thoroughly by a second pair of eyes. This additional check is essential in order to safeguard our high quality standards. As a personal approach is one of our main assets, our customers have two contact persons at their disposal, being Kevin Schreuder and Ellen Oude Griep. They would be happy to assist you, and are up to speed on all previously discussed arrangements and preferences. After all, we want your translation to be perfect.


    Vertaalbureau Perfect has a translation portal where you can upload the text to be translated and enter additional information such as target audience, text type and deadline. The portal also gives you a handy overview of the status of your assignments.

    To place your first order send an e-mail to info@vertaalbureau-perfect.nl and mention your OFI registration number and UT e-mail address in your message. Alternatively, you can upload your text via the request form. Your request will be processed immediately and placed on the portal. Once you have requested your first translation, you will receive the log-in details to your portal account, which remain valid for future assignments too.

    Kevin Schreuder
    Coördinator Perfect
    Ellen Oude Griep
    Coordinator Perfect


    The deadline for the assignment depends on the number of words to be translated. We can translate up to 2,000 words a day and revise up to 2,000 words an hour in all Western European languages. As for Scandinavian and Eastern European languages, and Chinese, Vertaalbureau Perfect can translate up to 1,500 words a day, and we need half a day to start up the assignment.

    A translation of 10,000 words from Dutch into English (including revision) shall be delivered in six working days at a rate of € 0,12 per source word. The rate for editing an English text is € 0,06 cent per source word.

  • Livewords (formerly Concorde Group)

    Livewords (formerly Concorde group) is the leading translation agency in the Netherlands. We provide translation and interpreting services for public and private sector clients. Personal attention, speed and creative collaborative thinking are the hallmark of our approach.

    A dedicated project team of account and project managers will attend to your needs. The translations will be produced by a pool of carefully selected native translators with the areas of expertise required by the University of Twente. 


    Livewords has created a portal for those at the University of Twente who will be ordering translations. This makes the process easy and efficient. Translation requests can be submitted through a secure environment 24/7. All requested translations can also be accessed through the portal at any time. Concorde provides tailored services and can work with any file format, including InDesign, XML, PowerPoint and Excel.

    To obtain your login for our extranet, send an email to overheid@livewords.com.

    If you have questions, please feel free to contact Lauri van Oosterom (Desk Manager Overheid) at 020-8202849.

    Lauri van Oosterom
    Desk manager overheid (project related business)


    Concorde will translate up to 2,000 words a day, charged at 14 cents (€) per word. This includes text checking by the project manager as part of our standard service.

  • Taalcentrum VU


    Taalcentrum-VU is an academic translation agency that specializes in translations for the higher education sector. Our translators are all university-trained and have years of experience in the trade. They work in close proximity to a major research university, and we have specialists who can translate in any language combination. Our editors can dot the i’s and cross the t’s of texts authored in English or go even more in-depth.

    It is our goal to provide translations that reflect the original author’s intentions while answering to the highest demands of style, register and tone in the target language. Our core values are consistency, reliability and confidentiality. And of course a good relationship with you, our client.

    Do you want us to produce a literal translation, or may we take a more free approach to your text? Do you have a list of preferred terminology that we should be aware of? Is your text part of a series of other UT documents? 

    Would you like to know more about what we can mean for you? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Send your text to vertaalbureau@taalcentrum-vu.nl and let us get to work for you. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Some examples of the work we do for clients in the world of science and higher education:

    • Educational texts such as exams, syllabi and study guides
    • Popular scientific translations, press releases and interviews with researchers
    • Legal translations such as education and examination regulations (OER), appeals and objections
    • Scientific articles in the fields of engineering, medicine, social sciences, the humanities and basic research
    • Popular scientific texts and contributions to non-specialist periodicals
    • Financial texts such as budgets, financial statements and annual reports
    • Technical documents, including IT manuals
    • Grant applications and research proposals
    • Policy texts such as long-term visions, progress reports and strategy documents
    • Promotional (marketing) texts, Bachelor’s & Master’s brochures and alumni magazines.


    Placing an order is very simple. All you need to do is send the text to be translated to vertaalbureau@taalcentrum-vu.nl. Our team will set to work immediately.

    Jane Goorden
    Coordinator VU


    One translator can translate 1,500 to 2,000 words per working day, depending on the language combination, and the quality and complexity of the source text. This average translation speed is the guideline we use for scheduling. As for editing, one revisor can tackle 6,000 to 10,000 words a day, including revision.

    The rate for translating a Dutch text into English is € 0,18 per source word. The rate for editing an English text is € 0,07 per word. Translations of 2,000 words or more and editing assignments of 10,000 words or more to be delivered within 24 hours are subject to an urgency fee.


If you have questions about a translation assignment, please contact the concerned translation agency. Every agency has its own contact person for the University of Twente.


You may not be entirely happy with a translation, even after careful instruction and supplying a quality source text, We ask that you contact the translation agency yourself if this should happen. After all, you are the one who can most accurately explain why you are unhappy when it comes to the assignment.

However, if you are unhappy with how your complaint is being resolved, if it takes too long to process, or if you simply cannot reach an agreement with the translation agency, please contact the UT Language Centre contract coordinator:

Kim Middel PhD
Coordinator translations and editing

Language policy

Much of the communication at the University of Twente takes place in the English language. Here you will find an overview of the most frequently used terminology, and an English Style Guide.