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Buddy programme for new staff

The buddy programme of University of Twente is to create a friendly, and informal setting for newcomers, facilitating an easy and stress-free transition into the new working and living environment in the Netherlands.    

Why a buddy programme?  

As an international employee or guest you might experience difficulties in settling down in a new environment far away from your own trusted home country, family and friends. Therefore the University of Twente offers a buddy programme which gives a hand until you are adjusted along the way and to encourage a process of continued self-directed learning.    

Role buddy 

The buddy is your contact person for a period of approximately two months. There are absolutely no requirements, except maybe a general open-mindedness towards meeting new people in a new living environment and gain insight into new cultures and lifestyles.  A buddy can give you a hand to several matters like: 

  • introduction Department Group 
  • understanding culture 
  • give a hand in building up a social network 
  • refer you to the right person  
  • give a hand to guide you how what where and when   

A buddy is not:  

  • a problem solver 
  • will not act as a mediator 
  • will not control conflicts   

To sign up as a buddy or would like to have a buddy after arrival at our University, send an email to and you will be registered for the programme.  
The secretary of the Department Group will introduce buddy and new staff member to each other after arrival at our University. From then on it will be in your hands to get in touch with each other and to schedule subsequent informal meeting moments.  

We are looking forward having you in our buddy programme !