Protocol parties and activities

The UT campus has good facilities for celebrations and events. To ensure safety and compliance with environmental regulations, such events must meet particular conditions. This protocol specifies the actions required when a celebration or event is organised at the campus.


  1. In the environmental permit, the municipality grants the UT permission to organise 8 events and 4 concerts on the campus every year, for which less restrictive noise standards apply. These events are organised by or in consultation with the Events Office. For all other celebrations and events, no music must be audible outside the campus.
  2. If you want to organise a celebration or event at one of the education buildings outside the official opening hours, this must be reported to the Events Office.
    To do so, go to
  3. All celebrations and events that will be attended by more than 20 persons must be reported via this same website no later than 4 weeks in advance. For celebrations at premises of third parties on the campus (for example Acasa), reporting of the event and drawing up of a plan are required for (larger) events that cannot be regarded as a private party. The organisation must also inform the external party and observe their conditions in addition to the UT conditions.
  4. When organising celebrations and events, measures must be taken to ensure that no music can be heard outside the campus. When sound equipment is used, the volume level of the music must be limited so that no music is audible outside the campus. In addition, the organisation must take the necessary measures to ensure that the safety of visitors of the event is sufficiently guaranteed. Depending on the type of activity and the number of visitors, this can range from the presence of fire extinguishers to the number of emergency staff and an evacuation plan. The organisation must record this in a plan. This plan must be submitted to the Events Office at least 14 days before the start of the event.
  5. The Events Office will provide the following information to UT Security:
    1. start time of the event;
    2. end time of the event;
    3. number of expected visitors;
    4. location of the event on the campus; and
    5. name and telephone number of the contact person of the event.
  6. During the event, Security or HR (in conjunction with the Events Office) can check whether the proposed measures are in place. If this is not the case, both Security and HR are authorised to stop the event.
  7. In the event of complaints from neighbours, UT Security will contact the organisation of the event. The organisation must take measures to reduce the nuisance. If the organization fails to take adequate measures, both UT Security and the police are authorised to stop the event.
  8. An event with more than 20 visitors that has not been announced via the Reservations Office can be stopped immediately by UT Security or by the police.
  9. Also Parties with fewer than 20 (expected) visitors must not have music that is audible outside the campus. In the event of complaints from neighbours, UT Security UT or the police can stop the event.
  10.  Any fines for offences (for noise at least 10,000 euro) will be recovered from the organisation in charge of the event.