Send mail (internal)

Internal mail is only delivered on the campus (including the Gallery), BTC buildings, Therm building and the Faculty ITC.

Handing in mail

For internal mail, you can make use of the internal UT mail envelopes, but use of other envelopes and packaging is also allowed. Envelopes for internal UT mail can be obtained (free of cost) from the Central Mailroom. Internal mail can be handed in at the Service Desk of the building; they will take care of sending.

In order to avoid unnecessary delay, we would like to ask you:

Delivery time

Mail is collected from your building twice per day at fixed times. Internal mail is also processed twice per day. Internal mail will be delivered to the relevant Service Desk during the next mail round. The Service Desk will distribute the mail to the mail boxes.


No costs are charged for sending internal mail and use of the internal UT mail envelopes.


This service is carried out by the Central Mailroom of the Mail and Logistics Department. The staff of the Central Mailroom can answer any questions by email and/or by telephone.


The Central Mailroom is located in building 5 on the campus, in the 'Garage'. Tel: 2118.
Address: Dienstweg 1, 7522 ND, Enschede.

The general postal address of the UT is: PO Box 217 7500 AE Enschede