Send mail (external)

External mail is collected in the blue mail bag in the secretary's office of your department. This blue mail bag is delivered to the Service Desk of your building. Mail that is handed in before the second mail round will be processed and transferred to the external mail processor the same day.

The address information must be clear and must contain all details needed for proper delivery to the destination. Please use the standard layout for the address. And address in the Netherlands has the following layout:

For all external mail items, the external rules for weight and size apply. These rules are the same as the rules that apply for private persons.

Delivery method (handing in external mail)

Delivery time

All external mail submitted in blue bags to the Service Desk in your building before the second mail round will be processed and transferred to the external mail processor the same day. Large batches of mail (from 500 items) should preferably be announced 24 hours in advance. This allows timely collection of the batch from the Service Desk in your building and transfer to the external mail processor. If a batch is not announced, and sent with the regular mail round, the Central Mailroom does not guarantee that the batch will be processed the same day. The batch will, of course, be processed on the next working day.

Our partner Sandd Post has 48 and 72 hours timeframes for deliveries.

Bezorgkader Sandd 





48 hours



72 hours



48 hours



48 hours



72 hours



The 24-hour service is still possible, but is on demand. Therefore, the UT Central Mailroom has to perform several manual actions. To make use of the 24-hours service, a 6.5 % surcharge will be charged. 

If you want to make use of the 24-hour service, you have to make this clear by means of a memo on the mail item.


The costs for shipment of external mail will be charged to the OFI number associated with the blue mail bag. The rates match the rates charged by the external mail processor.



0-20 grams


20-50 grams


50-100 grams


100-250 grams


250-2000 grams


The Mail and Logistics Department uses the difference between purchase and sale for funding the costs of internal and external mail. Each department receives a monthly invoice for sent mail items and the related postage costs.

Rates for international mail can be requested by contacting the staff of the Central Mailroom.