Central receiving of goods

All non-food items ordered by University employees are received centrally. After checking the number of packages and checking for external damage, the item is signed for receipt.


All incoming goods are registered in CEGOON. The following information is included:

Distribution of goods

Every day, the containers with the container list are delivered to the relevant buildings. The container list is a summary from CEGOON containing all parcels that have arrived that day for that building. The container lists for each building are printed and given to the driver. The internal service of your building checks the number of packages on the container list and signs it for receipt. The lists are then archived by Logistics for use as backup information in case of lost or undelivered goods.

Delivery time

 After registration, the parcels are placed in the containers of the relevant buildings. Another benefit of CEGOON, in addition to correct registration of your goods, is that you are able to check if your shipment has been received. Anyone with a computer and an internet connection can check in CEGOON whether their shipment has arrived. You check the system by order number, supplier or date.


The costs for transportation will be charged per container to the relevant faculty or department.


 This service is carried out by the Central Reception Goods. The Central Reception can be reached by phone: +31(0)53 489 2132 of by e-mail: logistics@utwente.nl