Assessment of risk and evaluation

Risks are present at every workplace. In a hazard identification and risk assessment (RI&E), the present and latent risks for the health and safety at the workplace and in the work environment are set down in writing. Every employer is compelled to have a current RI&E on file, combined with an action plan. This way, employers and staff members are structurally working together on safe and healthy working conditions.

A university is such a complex and dynamic environment that one comprehensive RI&E is insufficient. The preconditions, the minimal requirements and the frameworks that the execution and report of the RI&E has to meet are described in the Dutch Universities working conditions catalogue. The regulation below shows the procedure for the execution of the RI&E within the UT.

To ensure adequate assistance and maintenance activities, it is necessary to have information with regards to the nature of the activities in the laboratory and/or experiment room. The Safety Information Laboratory/Experiment Room form is required to be in the intended box outside the lab.