Bicycle parking/storage areas

There are two types of bike storage area's on campus: open bike storage areas and indoor/enclosed storage areas (for staff only).

Type 1: Open bike storage areas

Bicycles must be stored in the intended areas, and the entrances to the buildings must be kept free of obstruction at all times. Bringing bicycles into any of the buildings is not permitted for safety reasons.

Type 2: Indoor/enclosed bike storage areas for staff

Most buildings provide access with employee card (Citadel, Horst, Spiegel, Waaier, etc), but some building's storage areas can only be accessed with keys. 

Ordering method

Delivery time


For some buildings, you have to pay a deposit before receiving the keys.


The Facility Department’s maintenance group is responsible for the establishing and maintaining of bicycle storage areas. The Facility Department cannot be held liable in any way for any theft of or damage to bicycles or mopeds. Do not leave any goods with your bicycle or moped and make sure to lock it up properly.