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Valetparking Schiphol (rental vehicles)

There are two rates for the delivery / pick-up of the lease car at Valet: Handling costs and Parking costs. The Handling costs will be calculated from the moment we deliver the car for the customer at Schiphol; these costs are € 37.50 and also apply as parking costs for the first 24.5 hours. This means that €37.50 will be charged if the car is picked up by the customer within 24.5 hours. However, in the weekend it is possible that the vehicle is 'waiting' for the customer longer than 24.5 hours. In this case, a graduated scale is used in which an additional € 7.50 is charged for each additional hour up to 4 hours (=€30.00). Should the car be there for longer than 4 hours, then another € 37.50 will be charged for another 24.5 hours.

For example:

We deliver a vehicle on Friday afternoon at 16:00 that will be picked up on Sunday afternoon at 12:00: 1x Handling costs: 37.50 (rate up to Saturday afternoon 16:30) and 1 additional parking day 37.50 (Parking costs up to Sunday afternoon 16:30). We do not charge any additional airport surcharges that are normally charged by the lease agencies located at Schiphol. This is a sum of at least € 60.

Furthermore, our vehicle will be parked in front of the departures hall and you can leave it in front of the departures hall when you leave. You can make exclusive use of the taxi/bus lane. The only thing you will need to do is leave the key with the Schiphol Valet desk located in the departures hall (see flyer).

Contrary to other lease companies, you do not need to refuel the vehicle and the car will not be extensively checked before you can leave. This will take place afterwards at our location and any fuel costs will be put on the invoice without any high refuelling fees.

The rates we charge are exactly the same as the rates that Schiphol charges ING/us. We simply offer this service for your ease of use without any profit margin.