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Theatercafé Vrijhof | A la carte restaurant

From a cafeteria where you could also grab a beer after four o'clock, the café turns into a restaurant where staff and students can have lunch, dinner and drinks. But at the same time, you can also enjoy performances, shows and debates. There is now a concept in which it is about the integration of different functions and activities. The Theater Café is used by different groups and for different purposes. You can have lunch, but also study, have a drink or have some lunch or dinner. There are music performances, but also serious debates and graduation drinks are organized.

The Theatre Café should be a place where students and other visitors like to meet, eat and relax. This is the place where people come together. During the warm months, the emphasis is on a cosy terrace, while in the colder months we take care of running through various gigs, a pub quiz or a tasting. There are all kinds of activities and the possibilities are endless! For example, think of:


In addition to various tasty drinks, you can also have a bite to eat. In addition to an extensive drinks menu (from coffee to various soft drinks, beers and wines) we offer a small menu with international dishes, based on the season and a specific theme.

DAILY lunch (grab 'n go) and dinner (A LA CARTE)

Lunch is being offered in a grab 'n go concept. The dinner menu will be published here soon.


The café offers students and other residents of the campus the opportunity to collect meals from the small menu upon request. The meals are packaged in durable, insulating dishes. Recycling is important to us, so you get a 10% discount on the next purchase when you hand in the dishes.


Regular opening hours

For reservations, please contact 053-489 2380.