Key issuance for building access


Keys for buildings are issued via the Traka cabinet in the Spiegel building, by means of your employee pass (of course, your card needs to be authorised). You can also collect keys after registration in the key list. Time of issue or return, your name, your (mobile) phone number and your signature will be recorded. When you hand in the key, the security employee will sign for receipt.


The Traka system is located in the control room of the Security Department. If you have been authorised by the responsible supervisor/association, you can remove the key from the cabinet. Your data will be entered in the system and linked to your card number by placing your card before the reader. This will open the Traka cabinet, and you will have a number of seconds to take the key from the cabinet. The key(s) for which you are authorised will be illuminated in green. When you press the black button to take the key from the lock, the time of issue and your name and card number are registered.


The Security Department is responsible for data entry in the system, and the supervisor/association is responsible for authorisation for a key. Changes must also be submitted here.