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Printers in UT buildings for employees (incl FAQ)

In order to print, copy, scan and fax documents, you can use all multifunctional printers on (MFP) the campus. You can print from the UT Workstation and from your own (private) notebook.

The MFPs provide the following functionality:

  • Description

    The faculty itself is responsible for keeping the machine topped up with paper. All printers have the same tray layout:

    • tray 1 is for A3 white paper;
    • tray 2 is for UT letterhead or pre-printed paper;
    • trays 3 and 4 are for A4 white paper;
    • tray 5 is for different paper sizes and types.
  • Requests

    The request for an additional printer has to be approved by the Director of the faculty or service. You can make a request by contacting the Service desk ICT.

    Request print rights for students

    Students can be given employee rights for the use of MFPs. This means that the faculty is responsible for the costs that you incur. You are then not restricted to the employee MFPs and you can also use your faculty's MFPs. You can submit a request for this to the person responsible for this (tutor or manager). This person can, by requesting the ict contact person (of the own organization), organize print rights for you. These print rights are valid for one year. After a year the rights can be requested again.

  • Costs

    The MFPs are paid by your unit. In addition to a fixed monthly amount, there is a payment for each printout, scanning is free of charge. The unit receives lists of the copies that have been made. You can find more information on the website Facilitair Bedrijf (Dutch only).

  • Delivery

    After request of an MFP, there is a 6-week delivery time. You can use the printers as soon as you have registered your RFID card.

  • Support

    All MFPs are managed by Xerox. When error messages or faults are raised, these are automatically reported. This can vary from error messages to the replacement of cartridges. The fault will then be rectified as soon as possible. For further support, use the Self Service portal and the manuals. Should you have any other questions or should a fault occur, please contact the Service Desk ICT.

  • Additional information

    More information about Xerox:

    Carré (hal B)

    Drienerlolaan 5

    Telefoonnummer: (053) 489 24 85



    Hengelosestraat 99

    Telefoonnummer (053) 487 43 87



      Drienerlolaan 5

      Telefoonnummer (053) 489 4215




  • Where can I find all the printer manuals and more information?

    For students click here.
    For employees click here.

  • Can students print using all Xerox printers?

    No, students can only use the printers that indicate they may be used by students. When a faculty or service believes that a printer should be available to students as well, that organisation can submit a request to the Service Desk ICT.

    Student printers can be recognised by a payment terminal next to the printer.

  • I am conducting work for the UT and I need to print something. How can I arrange that?

    Students can be given employee permissions for the use of MFPs. This means that the faculty is responsible for the costs you incur. You are not limited to using the student MFPs and can also use your faculty’s MFPs. You can submit the appropriate request to the responsible party (teacher or supervisor). They can arrange for you to use your own account to print using all printers for a period of up to one year through an extension of your quota or by giving you unlimited access.

  • If you do not have an account but you still want to print somewhere at the UT, where can you go?

    You can print in the Xerox Reproshop, located in the Bastille and Carré buildings.

  • What should I do when the paper in the printer runs out?

    Paper can be restocked by the facility department of the building that houses the printer. When the paper in a student printer runs out, you can report the issue at the building’s reception desk. The people there can restock the paper. The secretary desks can order more paper for employee printers.

    Check the paper size before you start printing Always select A4 or A3.  

    • Click the “Follow Print” button.
    • Select the right document.
    • Click the Info button on the screen.
  • How long will my pending document be stored?

    The printer will be rebooted every morning around 6:00. This process erases all pending documents.

  • What can I do to make my printing more environmentally friendly?

    In the print menu, select the option to print multiple pages on a single piece of paper and make sure to always use two-sided printing.

  • My files have disappeared from the queue, but they were not printed.

    You have probably selected the wrong paper size for the document you wanted to print. Check whether this is causing the problem: Whenever possible, use A4 or A3 size. Try to avoid the Legal or Letter options. You can do so using the print menu of the file you wish to print. If you want to use a different size paper, consult the manual for the use of different kinds of paper.

    • Click the “Follow Print” button.
    • Select the right document.
    • Click the Info button on the screen.
  • I cannot log into the domain.

    Verify whether you entered the domain using capital letters: AD\<username>. If you do not know your username (usually last name and initials), please check tap.utwente.nl. 

  • The “Scan to home” feature does not work.

    Students do not have a home directory, so they cannot use this feature. You can select USB as an alternative destination. Employees can check whether their user account has been set up on the AD domain by clicking the “Scanning Workflow” button. Here, you can also select USB as an alternative destination. You can verify whether your account information is correct by clicking the “Email” button.

I cannot print using my USB drive

  • Check your USB drive: Check the files you wish to print: Test whether the printer is working correctly:
    • Not all USB drives are compatible with these printers. It is advisable to use USB drives that employ the FAT32 standard.
    • Does your USB drive have a locking system?
    • USB drives with partially locked systems (hidden) can also cause issues.
    • You can print files with the following extensions: pdf, Pcl6, PS, Pl5, ASCII, jpg, TIFF, xps. You cannot print Office files.
    • Some PDF files are encrypted and cannot be printed.
    • Some PDF files are damaged, e.g. because they were created using a non-original version of PDF software.
    • Some images are damaged and cannot be printed.
  • Test whether the printer is working correctly:
    • Format your USB drive using the FAT32 standard, copy the files onto the drive and try again.
    • Try to print a PDF file you already printed once before.