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Checklist new students ICT facilities

[This page is also available through the short URL www.utwente.nl/lisa/newstudents.]

Change or forgot your password?

Only when you have received the automatically generated mail with your personal account details, your ICT account (e-mail address), you can actually change the password. If you have not received it, you have to be patient until you have received this e-mail. Make sure you have entered the correct private e-mail address in Studielink.

Your ICT account must first be activated by means of setting a password. Go to the LISA self-service portal. Click on change / activate at the right bottom of the webpage and click on CLICK HERE button. Click here for the manual.

We recommend changing this password every year. 

Osiris (Links, FAQ and manuals)

Click here for more information about Osiris.

Student e-mail

Click here for more information about student e-mail.

Notebook Service Centre (NSC)

You can also purchase a notebook by yourself, but because of the quality selections and sharp price, we recommend NSC notebooksEvery year around the summer holiday (July) it is possible to order the new notebooks from NSC. You will receive the notebook before the college year starts in September.

Below you'll find the LISA checklist for new students

After you finished this checklist, you did everything that is necessary for your ICT facilities at the University of Twente.

Step 1 and 2 are essential. Step 3 is recommended. Step 4 is for extra help.

Step 1: Your account (student account)

Step 2: Connect to the internet

Step 3: Setup your Computer

Please note: the software that you will need for your study will function guaranteed on a NSC notebook. We cannot guarantee this for notebooks that have been purchased elsewhere.

Step 4: More info

Finished the checklist? You and your notebook are ready! We hope you will enjoy your study at the University of Twente. Good luck! If there are any ICT related questions or problems, you can always visit the Servicedesk ICT in the Citadel (O&O plaza) or send us an e-mail.

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