Webdrive for employees - General

UT employees can use three directories (the M, P and U disk) to save files. In the past, it was only possible to access the home directories from a different computer using a VPN connection and with a Microsoft or Linux operating system. To make the home directories more accessible and more user friendly, LISA developed the WebDrive.

  • Description

    The WebDrive application gives you access to your directories from your:

    • Tablet;
    • Apple devices (iPad, iPhone, MacBook);
    • Smartphone;
    • Notebook.

    Because the directories can now also be accessed on the mobile devices mentioned above, it is easier to edit your own files from other locations. It is now no longer possible to access the WebDrive using your web browser. In the manuals you will find information about how you can install the WebDrive application on your Smartphone or other applications.

  • Costs

    The end user does not have to pay to use this service. These costs are passed on by LISA to the faculty or service.

  • Conditions

    Please remember that it is not possible to copy files that are larger than 30 MB. To be able to use the WebDrive, you need:

    • Internet connection;
    • ICT account;
    • WebDAV application (smartphones and tablets).
  • Support

    For support, use the self-service page and the manuals. Should you have any other questions or should a fault occur, please contact the Service Desk ICT.

  • Additional information

    The WebDrive is enabled by WebDAV. This protocol ensures that you are not only able to read your documents, but also to edit them.