For projects, office teams, event or other purposes you may request a functional (non-personal) email address like or

Policy & Agreements

The email policy is summarized in the (URL) Name policy UT document. Unfortunately, this document is only available in Dutch. 

How to access the new mailbox

Due to national university security policy, all functional mailboxes need to be accessed with your personal password. Passwords to access the functional mailbox directly are not provided:


There are different levels of user rights. If you cannot send mail on behalf of the functional mailbox, then your user rights can be extended. You cannot request additional rights for yourself. Please let someone who already has the rights fill in the mailbox access form in the LISA Self Service portal and request the rights for you. For additional questions, contact the Service Desk ICT.

In Outlook on Windows

For employees, the new mailbox will be added to their Outlook account and will show up below your own mailbox on your Microsoft Office on your UT computer.

In Outlook for Mac

Follow the manual for Mac offered by  

Webmail (

Additionally, the mailbox can be accessed through webmail ( In the Desktop version, click your own profile image in the right upper corner, then open another mailbox.  Additionally, you can also add the functional mailbox as a favourite to your start screen: in the left area, right mouse on your last name, then Add shared folder. Type a few letters to find the functional (shared) mailbox to add it to the list. That way you can also access it easily on your smartphone when you open 

Outlook app (Android and iOS)

At this point, adding a functional mailbox does not work for UT accounts on mobile apps at all. Please use webmail ( Outlook has the option to add shared mailboxes but the feature is disabled for UT accounts due to some technical restrictions.


For students, the Service Desk ICT will provide a link to sign in with your existing student account. 

Request form

To request a functional email address use the functional email address request form. Marketing & Communication will approve your request and forward it to the Service Desk ICT to create the email address. The Service Desk ICT will create a 'call' on your name to keep you updated about the status. A functional mailbox can only be requested by employees.

Additional rights

For additional rights, please contact the Service Desk ICT. You cannot request rights for yourself. Please let one of the current owners request the rights for you.

Changes or additional email addresses

When organisation names changes, you do not need to request a new mailbox. Please request changing the main email address of your mailbox. The old email address can be put on the same mailbox as an alias to make sure email sent to the old address can still be received.


For questions, please contact, phone 5665.