Sometimes PhD-candidates have to bring their own research funding in order to start their desired PhD-project. Find here several suggestions on where to find this funding.

Apply for a PhD job opening

In the University of Twente, a lot of PhD-positions become available though regular job openings. For instance, this is made possible because a researcher at the UT will start a large project and has funding to hire PhD-students to complete the project. 

Twente Graduate School

Nominees for the Twente Graduate School Award are talented and excellent UT Master degree students with the ambition to pursue a PhD. When selected, they will receive a so-called Bridging Grant and, together with a supervisor or professor, will start working on a full research proposal for external funding. Eligible students are in the last phase of their Master’s programme.

Please find more informaton on the TGS Award and Bridging Grant here

Find a PhD or fellowship

The are multiple options to pursue funding for your PhD-project through networks or initiatives.

Through funders 

The Dutch Research Council (Nederlandse organisatie voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek - NWO) has opened a new Mosaic programme that will allow MSc-students at a Dutch university to apply for funding for their PhD-project in the Netherlands.