Will you be presenting your UT research at a conference or seminar? Or will you be representing the UT at a fair or a career event? Nice work!

The UT Marketing & Communications department can assist you in getting your message across. On this page, we show you the way to the UT presentation templates, facts and figures, film and photo database and other promotional material.

Corporate identity


Brochures and leaflets

Download, view online or order hardcopies.

Social media accounts


Select and order UT promotional gifts online. For questions contact traffic@utwente.nl.

Trainings to improve your communication skills

The Centre for Training and Development offers several trainings for PhD’s and Post docs, e.g.:

  • Presentation skills
  • Advanced Science Communication
  • Personal Branding for PhD’s
  • Analytic Storytelling

Go to www.utwente.nl/en/ctd to check out all the courses and trainings.

Faculty & Institute specific information

Science and Technology (TNW) - incl. Institutes (MESA+ en TechMed)
Engineering Technology (ET)

Information is available on request via k.bakker@utwente.nl

Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Sciece (EWI/EEMCS) - Incl Digital Society Institute (DSI)
Behavioural Management and Social Sciences (BMS)

Please contact one of Marketing & Communication colleagues at BMS. The contact information is available on the BMS intranet: 


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